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a 16 keg strong tap wall featuring pub classics and cult craft brews from laine brew co.


more than just your average pint

From Porters to Pale Ale, our tap-wall is a whose who of the beer industry. Including tried and trusted favourites from Guinness, Amstel and Heineken, plus modern hits such as Laine Ripper, plus rotating casks from local microbreweries.

1. Guinness Extra Cold 4.1% Guinness £5.00

Legendary Irish Dry Stout. Smooth and creamy on the palate with balanced bitter sweet and light roasted malt flavour 4.1%

2. Heineken 5.0% Heineken £4.95

Iconic, international recognised continental lager. No thrills refreshment, job done.

3. Orchard Thieves 4.5% £5.60

Crisp and tart apple cider, the perfect refreshment for sunny days. (GF)

4. Source Pale Ale 4.1% Laines £5.20

A beer for every day that’s not an everyday beer. Packed full of hoppy flavours backed by a gentle maltiness.

 5.Mangolicious Pale Ale 4.7% Laines £5.85

A frivolous, funky and fruity beer brewed with a blend of the juiciest American Hops and a huge dollop of mango puree (with a splash of passionfruit for good measure). The perfect beer to enjoy in the early summer sun.

6.White IPA 5.2% Big Hug Brew. £5.60

Looks like a wheat beer, tastes like an IPA. An unfiltered, unrefined and uncompromising beer with a beautifully light citrus flavour.

7.Word Lager 4.5.% Laines £5.35

Word up. A light and refreshing proper lager. Delicious.

8.Kottbusser Sour 6.2% Yellow Belly x Brewdog £5.75

Coming straight oit of ages long past, this honey nd blackcurrant sour is a revival of the long forgotten ‘Kottbusser’ style beer. Using Scottish heather honey and Mr. Jeffares Wexford Blackcurrants, which are then heavily hopped, Yellow Belly x Brewdog have created a magnificent beer you will not see again anytime soon.

 9. Black IPA 4.7% Big Hug Brewing £5.50

Beer blacker than your heart. Dark in colour with hints of chocolate and caramel but with a hop forward, tropical flavour profile. A wonderful contradiction 

10. Bigger Dinger Weiss Beer 5.4% Big Hug Brewing £5.60

Modern take on a legendary classic. All the characteristics of a Belgian style wheat beer but with an almost lager like drinkability. This special edition brew won’t last long!

11. Gamma Ray APA 5.4% Beavertown Brewery £5.85

A brew you can sit on and drink all day, rammed with juicy malts and huge tropical aromas of mango and grapefruit. Massive additions of American hops are added to the whirlpool giving huge hop flavour. The beer is then dry hopped for days, driving the punchy aromas so you can smell it from miles away!

12. Unfiltered Pilsner 5% Hopstuff Brewery £5.30

Unfiltered to keep the flavour in, this is what lager should be. A hazy Czech pilsner with Perle, Saaz and Mittelfruh for flavours of honey, fresh lemon and spice.

13. Ripper Session IPA 4.9% Laines £5.45

R-r-rip up the rule book with this easy drinking hop bomb without the hangover. Infusions of grapefruit, fresh citrus and forest pine. Bitter but balanced.

14. Lagunitas IPA 5.5% £6.15

Everyone’s favourite reptile, not to be confused with iguanas. A well rounded, highly drinkable IPA. A touch of caramel malt barley provides the richness that mellows out the twang of the hops. Malt aroma with grapefruit notes and pine finish. Classic.

15. Kronenburg Lager 5.0% £4.90

European pale lager with golden colour and delicate bitterness.

16. Metroland IPA 3.8% Two Tribes £5.20

Better content than your daily newspaper. With its low strength, light body and fruit forward flavour profile this refreshing session IPA is just perfect for that Tuesday night treat. You’ll find sweet notes of quava and pineapple on the first sip and an aroma that’s all hops and citrus with backdrop of orange peel and papaya. Midweek magic.